Friday, April 29, 2016

Healthy Food and Healthy Eating Habits

We really are what we eat, so make sure you are putting the best foods into your body and creating healthy habits.

We all have heard that “we are what we eat.” That is certainly true, and it is also true that how we eat contributes to what we are. That’s why Jerry’s Kitchen makes such strong commitment to offering healthy fare on our Philadelphia food truck menus.

It is vital to develop healthy eating habits as soon as you can in order to ensure ongoing health and wellbeing, as well as avoid unwanted issues. Here are some easy things that you should consider doing (if you are not already doing them).

Friday, April 22, 2016

Wedding Catering: Why Not Consider a Food Truck?

Weddings are synonymous with food and festivity. Why not consider a food truck to make your wedding memorable, fun, and delicious?

If you are planning (or hope to be planning) a wedding, you might consider a food truck for your catering needs. Food trucks in the Philadelphia region cater birthday parties, graduation parties, and other wonderful lifecycle events. A wedding is, perhaps, the greatest opportunity to make people happy with food.