Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Vegan Restaurants in Philadelphia: Different Reasons for Going Vegan

Some other reasons are on the practical or aesthetic side. Individual food bills can be cut annually by an average of $4,000 by replacing meat in the diet with plant-based food. Plates of vegans and vegetarians are more colorful so it would be pleasing to the eye for people with such preference. The article also cited that vegetarian or vegan diets are now more available, thanks to numerous vegan restaurants (more than 90 listed) and recipes over the internet. For families that are not all-vegan, there are places that offer non-vegan recipes so that everyone has a choice. For events, there are establishments like Jerry’s Kitchen that offer Philadelphia food trucks with a menu for vegans, vegetarians, and even people looking for gluten-free food. With them, you can be sure there will something for everyone’s palate.

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